I have been photographing families in DFW and around the country for the past 12 years. I love everything about bringing out the beauty in my subjects...telling a story through my pictures. My desire in photographing others as well as my own family is to catch those little moments that no one else sees...the moments that you want to preserve forever. I believe that photography is an art that helps create a legacy for your family. I believe that each session should be relaxed and enjoyable...helping to create those sweet and sincere expressions. During your session we will get traditional posed images, but also candid playful moments which are my favorite. I will direct you throughout the entire session, making sure everyone looks their best.  All you have to do is show up ready to have fun!

I am equally passionate about my family! My amazing husband, Dan whose support and encouragement is a huge reason why I pursued this dream many years ago, died unexpectedly in 2021. I am now more passionate than ever in realizing the importance of photographs. Words can't express how thankful my family is that we have documented our life together all these years. Those pictures are more priceless than anything else left behind. My two precious daughters are still my inspiration to keep moving forward and doing what I love!  I am sure you will see their pictures often throughout my website, or my instagram and facebook pages because they are an integral part of everything I do. I feel compelled to share my heart openly with others about all aspects of life.

Beyond just loving what I do, I feel like it is a privilege to come alongside other families and help them preserve parts of their history.

Though I am laid back and easy going in my approach to photography, preferring natural light, minimal props, just beautiful scenery and my amazing clients...I do pour my heart and soul into each session, hoping to create a gift for those that trust and invest in my art. I consider it such an honor each and every time I get a new referral or repeat client. 

I would love the opportunity to be part of your family, even if it is just for a brief moment in time. Thank you for stopping by! I would be honored to serve you.